About Us

Hello Dog Lovers!

We created Pawpular Pups with the intention of uniting dog lovers everywhere by showcasing the cutest pups on the internet through our Facebook page. As dog owners ourselves, we are obsessed with our babies and want to foster a community of passionate dog owners.

We are extremely excited to offer you and your best friend many paw-some products on our store - from LED collars, to heavy duty toys (for those bite-crazy pups), to outfits for both you and your pup!

Our goal is to provide high quality products that improve the lives of both you and your dog(s). If you're looking for something that's currently not listed, feel free to send us your ideas at customerservice@pawpularpups.com or fill out our feedback survey HERE. We're always looking for new product ideas and customer feedback!

Thanks for stopping by!

~Pawpular Pups


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